Twitarded 2020 Reunion - Need Your Input

Laaaaaaadies (and anyone else) - we need your help.

We are mulling over our PNW options for next year and need your input!

It's occurred to me and STY that we can't really figure out where to go, exactly, until we know just how many of you beautiful, sassy folks will be joining us. Based on comments and whatnot, we're settling on "a whole lot of you" but we need a slightly more... definitive headcount.

If there is a possibility of us renting a space where we can all gather and shoot the shit in our freak-flag waving private glory then we'd need to know if y'all are willing to shell out some dough for it. (Side note - if this option is popular then we totally lied about NOT going to Forks).

To answer these questions, we ask that you fill out the two totally no-frills surveys below.

More to come as we continue working out the kinks (that's what she said) and learn more information!